Useful Kitchen Tricks and Tips You need to Know!


Easy Kitchen Tips

If you use hot water to the quick ICE cube,  the water that’s been boiled will freeze faster than water straight from the tap.

The reason is something called the Mpemba effect (Hot water may freeze faster than cold water).


Easy Kitchen Tips

When you are in hurry or want to easily peel garlic then you need a metal bowl or other now first Break the head into cloves.

Then place them in a metal bowl and put a similar one on top.  shake and they should come out perfectly peeled.



If your hands smell after chopping onions or garlic, You just  rub them on a stainless steel spoon which will absorb the odor. The sulfur from the plants is attracted to and binds with one or more of the metals in the steel. Of course, wash the spoon’s great idea!!!


Easy Kitchen Tips

Milk often boils over and spills. This is because when it heats, the water in its structure starts evaporating from the surface.Instead, it gets trapped, causing it to explode violently.

To avoid this, simply put a long-handled spoon into the saucepan as it heats it will be wooden or steel or your any kitchen spoon. The spoon acts to break the surface tension — allowing the steam underneath to escape smoothly without an eruption.

Say no to those stubborn stains:

When you are working with ingredients like oils and spices, it can be hard to avoid stubborn stains. Mostly all kinds of kitchenware and countertops are susceptible to such stains, but there are ways to prevent them from this fate.While cooking, make sure to use  kitchen chimneys so that grease and oil cannot accumulate on counters and drawers. Laying paper towels on the counters while cooking or serving can also save them from dirty mishaps. For a long-time solution, you can opt for a STAINLESS STEEL MODULAR KITCHEN as they are less susceptible to such stains and are easier to clean

Make a kitchen for cleaning spray

Create a chemical free wash spray at home To clean the kitchen, there are many types of cleaning spray in the market. But these are either expensive …So let’s make a wash spray at home. Take a cup of water for this. Add a spoon lemon juice and a spoonful of soda in it. Spray it

How to open Jar lid

If a rubber band is placed on the lid of the jar, it can easily be opened without hurting the fingers.


 Before chopping chillies

Easy Kitchen Tips

Before chopping chillies, rub your hands with veg oil to prevent them from absorbing the chilli oils.

Remove any funny food odours


To remove any funny food odours from your hands, washing them with salt or rubbing your hands against the stainless steel tap work a charm.

Clean Non Stick Pan with Salt

If washing with soap, iron skillet (pudding) or pen’s nonstick surface will get spoiled. Therefore, to clean them, put salt on pan or pan and it